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Flip Off Caps are already prepared to be crimped onto injectable vials using the necessary crimper. It is simple to remove the plastic flip-off covers in order to see the aluminum seal underneath and the injection target region. These flip off caps are available in 13mm and 20mm diameters, and we have them in a variety of colors. On request, we can also provide sizes up to 32mm, so please get in touch with us for a price.

These aluminum hats have a flip-top made of colored plastic. When a vial is first used, a little piece of metal is pulled away to indicate that it has been used since it was last sealed. The vial is kept closed by the stopper, and the center of the aluminum cap is still open. Usually, we offer four types of caps for all your needs, like “plain” (variety of colors without logo or inscription, with edge), “flip off,” “aluminum crimp seal arrow” and “customized logo.” And you can choose your logo to be raised or concave, on plastic or aluminum, with edge or without, surface smooth or matte. It can all be customized at VIAL PACKAGING.

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