VPFOC-12 10ml Injection Vial Flip Off Caps

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This Flip off caps is a semi-tear design, when you tear the plastic cap, the aluminum cap will not be used again, so this cap is disposable.

  • Model number: VPFOC-12
  • Material:  Aluminum+PP material
  • Color:  Red , Blue,Transparent
  • Applying: 10ml injection vial
  • Minimum Order Quantity:100pcs


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Plastic MaterialPP-Polypropylene
Plastic ColorTransparent,Blue,Purple,Red or customized
Aluminum Model8011, H16
Aluminum ColorSilver, Golden
Productivity10000000 pcs /day
Apply10ml injection vial
CertificatesGMP CE ISO
WorkshopClass C cleaning workshop
PackagingPE bag and Carton

Aluminum caps are more commonly used in medical corylin bottles, and aluminum caps are relatively more common. Aluminum covers and aluminum-plastic covers have their own characteristics, but in terms of opening, aluminum covers are easier to open. The aluminum cap is opened by twisting the cap, usually with a finger twist. The aluminum cap requires removing the outer plastic cap first, and then twisting the inner aluminum cap with your fingers to open the bottle.

The choice of aluminum cap and aluminum-plastic cap mainly depends on the nature and use of the drug. The aluminum cap has good sealing, which can better protect the quality of drugs, and is suitable for situations with high requirements for drug sealing. The aluminum-plastic cover has the advantages of both aluminum cover and plastic cover, the plastic cover can play a certain protective role, and the aluminum cover can provide better sealing. Therefore, for some cases where the quality requirements of drugs are not so strict, aluminum plastic caps can also be chosen.

When intravenous infusion is dispensed, the aluminum cap only needs to open the middle part of the top. This ensures the safety and hygiene of the solution, while also facilitating the smooth injection of the drug into the infusion bag. However, it is important to note that before opening the aluminum cover, you must ensure that your hands are washed and disinfected, so as to ensure the quality and safety of the infusion.

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