VPFOC-04 20mm gloss finishing flip top caps

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We fully apply the ISO15378:2017 quality management system and construct enterprise internal control standards that are greater than ISO standards. We also develop a comprehensive set of working, production, and recording standards.To prevent the instability of inspector inspection, we have deployed cutting-edge completely automatic light sense inspection equipment on the production line.

  • Brand name: VIAL PACKAGING
  • Model number: VPFOC-04
  • Material:  Aluminum+PP
  • Color: Blue, Orange, Red, White, Green, Pink, Purple, Black or other colors
  • Applying: Infusion bottle, oral liquid bottle, stock solution bottle
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000pcs


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Normal Aluminum Caps Dimensions
Typed1 ( mm )h1 ( mm )e ( mm )
8mm7.5± 0.14.65 ± 0.10.2
11mm11.4± 0.15.1± 0.10.2
13mm13.3 ± 0.16.2 ± 0.10.2
15mm15.3 ± 0.26.5 ± 0.10.2
20mm20.2 ± 0.17.5 ± 0.10.2
26mm26.5 ± 0.18.9 ± 0.10.24
28mm27.9 ± 0.19.6 ± 0.10.24
30mm29.4 ± 0.19.8 ± 0.10.24
32mm32.2± 0.112.4 ± 0.10.24

1. Full test and inspection proficiency

The business offers a full complement of cutting-edge laboratory testing equipment that can be used for routine requests.

2. Cutting-edge and effective production machinery

High precision and efficiency characterize our production tools.

3. A department of independent quality management

Raw materials, production processes, semi-finished goods, final goods, and other processes are all rigorously controlled by the quality management department, which also teaches and directs all staff in line with GMP production requirements.

4. China management for raw materials

We rigorously adhere to ISO15378:2017’s criteria while choosing vendors.

5. Sample management for retention

Every batch and every order’s samples are stored in our expert sample retention room, which also has an excellent management system.

6. Comprehensive training program

For personnel in various positions, with diverse job responsibilities, various operational procedures, various quality issues, customer complaints, etc., we provide extensive training plans and training sessions.

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