Butyl Rubber Stopper

Butyl rubber stoppers (straight plug style) are available from VIAL PACKAGING to be used in conjunction with 20 mm flip top, flip off, and standard aluminum seals to seal serum vials. bringing about an airtight seal. These butyl rubber stoppers were created using premium materials that can endure higher than usual temperatures and are malleable enough to prevent fraying during drug extraction and contamination of the product inside the serum vial. VIAL PACKAGING offers sturdy butyl rubber stoppers in a variety of sizes and hues.

The goods that come from our plant are made in certain class 100 and high-grade clean rooms. Raw material testing, semi-finished product line control, and final product control are all included in our factory’s quality assurance procedures. We will closely monitor every phase of manufacture. For medical bottles and bags, we can provide high-quality rubber stoppers made of chlorobutyl and bromobutyl in a variety of sizes. Our workplace complies with GMP standards. For therapeutic infusion products, some powder injection medications, and other applications, our rubber stopper is specifically employed. Utilizing cutting-edge production technology enables us to provide large quantities of high-quality goods in a short amount of time. Feel free to contact us if you require any additional information.

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