Aluminum Foil Bags

Aluminum foil bags consisting of three or four layers of high-strength material typically feature one layer of metalized film or aluminum foil in the middle to keep the items out of direct sunlight. This helps the product maintain a longer shelf life and higher barrier qualities. This pouch is ideal for you if you’re seeking a robust, long-lasting pouch that guarantees the protection and freshness of your product. This bag’s structure, which features a bottom gusset, allows it to stand upright for greater visibility and presentation. It is made from svelte, durable aluminum foil. It also has a  zip lock, so it can be resealed. The inclusion of a heat seal helps to maintain the contents and the freshness of your tablets.

The most popular bags used for packing high barrier goods, such as coffee, tea, or other sealed goods with strong puncture resistance, are most certainly our aluminum foil bags. When you want a multi-layer structure design, finding the best packaging format for your goods can be a difficult challenge.

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