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Custom pill bottle labels are a terrific alternative for pharma products when you need to have a tamper-evident element in the packaging, because they are printed on a glossy paper substance that will peel easily. Paper Labels are a low-cost solution for printing custom sizes and shapes of stunning designs for your products in full color. Vial Packaging provides pill bottle labels for different pharmaceutical products, and our professional service team will help you choose which type will work best for you.

To create pharmaceutical labels, we have access to a variety of specific materials. Cryogenic adhesives, ultra-thin sheets, special adhesives to wrap small vials, and other materials for high performance applications are some of these. We offer a wide range of high quality raw materials from which you can choose to create permanent or disposable bottle labels. After UV inks printing proccess, you can also choose the variable data to help your brand to make the anti-fake system, such as barcode, serial marking, etc.

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