Pharmaceutical Insert Paper

Pharmaceutical insert paper is the instruction paper inside the pharmaceutical packaging box which helps the user to know the ingredients, and to understand usage and storage. Our print finishing specialists, who have perfected the art of folding, are delighted to assist you with typesetting and  choice of materials as well as the ideal folding style for your project.

Your package inserts can be folded in a quarter-fold, half-fold, tri-fold, or z-fold. Pharmaceutical insert paper must be printed with extreme care and in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards. To fit into even the smallest boxes or folding boxes, VIAL PACKAGING produces a variety of package inserts, from straightforward unfurled leaflets to pre-folded leaflets (even small folds).

No matter what kind of instruction manuals you require—whether they are straightforward cards, intricately folded brochures, or bound books—our equipment is well-suited to meet your needs. We are perfectly situated to transport promptly and economically to any facility in the world because we located in Guangdong, close to two important interstates highways. You will also have access to a skilled design staff who can handle most of the hassle of having your file formatted and prepared for printing.

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