Manual Vial Crimper

The manual vial crimper provided by VIAL PACKAGING offers a range of crimping head sizes to fit vials of all diameters, including: De-capping heads in 13mm,18mm, and 20mm. De-capping heads are advised because they can lower product waste and boost return on investment. The Vial Crimper accepts all interchangeable crimping and decapping heads. This makes the manual vial crimper an economical and scalable crimping solution for your production. When you’re ready to make the switch to automated vial crimping, all you’d need to buy is the crimping unit.

The lightweight and streamlined form of ergonomic manual vial crimpers and decappers reduces wrist pain and discomfort from strain. The new design, which is 25–30% lighter than older versions, significantly enhances user experience by eliminating uncomfortable and cramped hands. These vial crimpers are a less expensive option to electronic vial crimpers and have been thoroughly tested for 11 mm and 20 mm crimp caps.

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