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Penicillin Bottle,Also known as: borosilicate glass or sodium calcium glass tube (molded) injection bottle, is a small bottle sealed with a rubber plug. There are brown, transparent and other types of borosilicate materials for the mainstream products on the market.

  • Brand Name: VIAL PACKAGING
  • Model number: VPGV-04
  • Material: Low/Neutral borosilicate glass
  • Color: Transparent and Brown
  • Size: Diameter: 22mm
    Height: 50mm
    Caliber: 20mm
    (10ml vial)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs


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Glass MaterialLow/Neutral borosilicate glass/
Glass ColorTransparent and Brown
SizeDiameter: 22mm
Height: 50mm
Caliber: 20mm
(10ml vial)
Vial SetWith Plastic-Aluminum Flip Off Caps and Rubber Stoppers
Productivity10000000 pcs /day
WorkshopClass C cleaning workshop
PackagingPE bag and Carton

Penicillin Bottle, a bottle commonly used for vaccine packaging, is sealed with a rubber stopper and an aluminum lid with a thin neck. The difference between penicillin bottle and ampoule is that rubber stopper is used to seal the bottle, and the bottle wall is generally thick, so needle can be used to Pierce and extract the penicillin bottle directly, which is not easy to hurt, and it is not easy to expose and cause secondary pollution.

Penicillin Bottle gets its name from the original drug penicillin, which is now commonly used to contain injection and oral liquid. In terms of manufacturing process, penicillin bottle is usually moulded or controlled. Moulded penicillin bottle is usually sodium-calcium glass with weak physicochemical stability. The production process is relatively simple and the yield is high. penicillin bottle generally uses borosilicate glass, common low borosilicate glass and medium borosilicate glass, due to the good physical and chemical properties of medium borosilicate glass, is the first choice for the production of vaccine bottles. The penicillin bottle is complementary to the ampoule

10ml vial

10ml vial transparent 10ml vial bottletransparent glass vial


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