VPGV-05 15ml 20ml pill transparent plastic bottle

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The 20ml plastic pill bottle is mainly used for packing solid, trial agent, etc. It has the characteristics of large aperture and easy packing and transparent material

  • Brand Name: VIAL PACKAGING
  • Model number: VPGV-05
  • Material: PET
  • Color: Transparent and White
  • Size: Diameter: 28mm
    Height: 53mm
    Caliber: 17mm
    (20ml bottle)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs


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Bottle MaterialPET
Plastic ColorTransparent and White
SizeDiameter: 28mm
Height: 53mm
Caliber: 17mm
(20ml bottle)
Vial SetTransparent Bottle with Aluminum foil gasket and White Cap
Productivity100000pcs /day
WorkshopClass C cleaning workshop
PackagingPE bag and Carton

Clear mouth bottle
Multi-purpose function
This kind of bottle is suitable for herbal sugar agent, chemical reagent, cosmetic packaging, liquid, solution, particles and so on.
Aluminum foil gasket, good sealing.

The bottle is sealed with aluminum foil gasket and can be sealed.
Inverted bottle, not easy to leak
Bottle thickness balanced, upside down shaking, not easy to leak
Threaded bottle for easy opening and closing
Large diameter threaded bottle design, simple operation, easy to open and close, not easy to leak
Bottle bottom raised, anti-burst
The raised design of the bottom of the bottle reduces the pressure of the bottle, and the items are not easy to burst.

20ml pill bottlepill bottle 15ml transparent 20ml pill bottle


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