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The laser sticker material is a kind of material that forms a pattern or text on the self-adhesive paper base through laser technology. It is usually composed of a laser layer, a transparent cladding layer and a back adhesive layer. The laser layer can be achieved through molar textures, holographic patterns, or other special patterns.

  • Brand name: Custom
  • Model number: VPVL-44
  • Material: Laser sticker
  • Finishing: Glossy lamination
  • Applying: 10ml injection bottle
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs



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vial packaging supplier

MaterialLaser/hologram sticker
PrintingCMYK Printing
Apply5ml 10ml Vials Pharmaceutical Packaging
Surface FinishingGlossy
EffectLaser/hologram effect
MOQ100 pieces
SampleFree sample
Lead Time7-9 working days
Delivery Time5-7 working days
Shipping ServicesFedex,DHL,UPS,EMS
Payment TermsPayPal, Western union, Bitcoin, T/T

The Sticker, also called self-adhesive label material, is a composite material made of paper, film or special materials, coated with adhesive on the back, and coated with silicon protective paper as the base paper.

Sticker printing is the process of transferring ink and other substances through the printing plate to the surface of the substrate which is pre-coated with adhesive layer on the back under a certain pressure. Compared with ordinary printing, self-adhesive has the following characteristics:
Small investment, quick results. Self-adhesive prints are mostly trademarks and stickers, which are smaller in format, faster in printing, and less in production waste.
Flexible printing methods. Self-adhesive is not limited by the printing method, and traditional printing plants can use offset presses or screen presses to print.
Many functions, self-adhesive is widely used in food, cosmetics goods and bar codes, etc., can also be used as electronic products, mechanical products and other special environment signs.



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