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HGH(recombinant human growth hormone for injection), also known as human growth hormone. It is a highly active single chain peptide composed of 191 amino acids secreted by the pituitary gland to help the pituitary gland produce single chain peptide hormones, Stimulation of the body occurs spontaneously in hormones.

  • Brand name: HGH
  • Model number: VPVL-32
  • Material: 80gsm PE sticker
  • Finishing: Glossy lamination
  • Applying: PRIMO 100 mg/ml,MASTERON 250 mg/ml
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs



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MaterialHolographic Sticker
Size30*60mm or customized
Apply10ml Injection Bottle
LaminationMatt or Glossy
MOQ100 pieces
SampleFREE Sample is Available
Lead Time7-9 working days
Delivery Time5-7 working days
Shipping ServicesBy Fedex or DHL

HGH can eliminate sub-health and restore vitality, and is an important substance for human growth promotion.

HGH is called youth, can be used as protein, fat and other metabolites to improve body tissues, can affect the skin, physiological function, mental state

1, HGH can improve sexual function and promote sexual desire, delay menopause, delay aging.

2, enhance and restore memory, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue, make people energetic.

3, eliminate wrinkles, maintain skin fine and smooth, close pores, reduce stains, restore skin elasticity, enhance facial contour.

4, increase the body muscle content, prevent muscle atrophy, enhance endurance.

5, lose weight and shape, so that the fat is evenly distributed, and maintain a comprehensive balance of posture.

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