VPVB-42 Injection 10ml vial packaging box with holographic label

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Anti-counterfeiting labels can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of products, protect the brand image of enterprises and the rights and interests of consumers. Through the use of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels, consumers can more easily query the authenticity of products, reduce the appearance of fake and shoddy products, and protect the brand image of enterprises and the interests of consumers.
The anti-counterfeiting mark also works on the box.

  • Brand name: Astko Life Sciences
  • Model number: VPVB-42
  • Material: 250gsm ivory paper+ Matt lamination
  • Applying: Test E 250mg/ml, Mast P 200 mg/ml, NPP 100mg/ml
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs



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vial packaging supplier

Material250gsm Ivory Paper-Box
80gsm Coated paper - Label
Apply10ml injection vial
LaminationGlossy Lamination
PrintingCMYK Printing/Holographic Effect
MOQ100 pieces
DesignAccept Customization
Surface FinishMatt Lamination
SampleProvide Free Custom Sample
Lead Time7-9 working days
Delivery Time5-7 working days
Shipping ServicesBy Fedex or DHL,UPS

In the medicine bottle packaging, color design is very important, in people’s minds, has formed some fixed color associations and medicine packaging color will need to meet the color, such as, red – warm, green – peace, life, blue – rational, quiet, professional.

Pharmaceutical packaging usually uses simple parts of warm and cool colors.
Available color effects associated with drugs or symbolic colors.
Injection 10ml vial packaging,
vial packaging design usually uses blue, green, black and red as the main colors.
These colors can reflect the professionalism of the product,
In the packaging of drugs, the written description is an important part of communicating drug information and designing drugs as needed. Can be basically divided into the following description:

First, the basic information text, that is, the name of the drug, the manufacturer, etc., these drugs need to be explained;

Second, information about the text, that is, drug ingredients, filling;

Third, descriptive texts, that is, indications of disease, dosage, contraindications, etc.

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