VPVB-38 Hologram Sliver Injection 10ML Vial Box

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holographic box and labels of pharma steroids oil vials package, a very wide range of use, this adhesive is strong, waterproof, oil. The special material is very attractive to customers and can also reflect the professionalism of the product.

  • Brand name: RIP TECH LABS
  • Model number: VPVB-38
  • Material: 250gsm laser paper+ glossy lamination
  • Applying: TEST E 250MG/ML
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs



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vial packaging supplier

Material250gsm laser card
Apply10ml injection vial
LaminationGlossy Lamination
MOQ100 pieces
DesignAccept Customization
Surface FinishHologram Effect
SampleProvide free mould sample before order
Lead Time7-9 working days
Delivery Time5-7 working days
Shipping ServicesBy Fedex or DHL

Testosterone enanthate is an important physiological active substance secreted by the human body, which plays an extremely important role in maintaining normal physical and sexual functions and prolonging human physiological and psychological life. Clinical for the treatment of male hyposexual function, aplastic anemia and other diseases.

Testosterone enanthate is an androgen drug, which is a compound preparation of testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate. The effect is the same as that of acetone testosterone, which can promote the development of male sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics and resist estrogen. There is also the effect of protein assimilation, which can make muscle growth and weight gain. The effect is fast and the duration is long, and the injection of 250mChemicalbookg can maintain the efficacy for 2 ~ 4 weeks. It is clinically suitable for the treatment of male gonadal insufficiency, sexual organ dysplasia, infertility, anorchidism and stable orchidism. It can also be used for female functional uterine bleeding, menopause syndrome, breast cancer and sex organ cancer; Cirrhosis, aplastic anemia, osteoporosis, etc. Wasting disease.

10ML Injection Box 10ML Box Hologram Injection Vial box

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