VPVL-11 Gold foil injection vial labels and box

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We customize your stickers to meet your needs using contemporary techniques and technology like paper, vinyl, adhesives, inks, and a large number of options. We take pride in having a knowledgeable and experienced team that provides our valued clients with great service that keeps them pleased and satisfied throughout the process.

  • Brand name: VIAL PACKAGING
  • Model number: VPVL-11
  • Material: Coated paper sticker + gold foil hot stamping
  • Finishing: Glossy oil varnishing
  • Applying: Winstrol 100, Deca Durabolin 250
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs


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vial packaging supplier

Product namevial label sticker printing
PaperCan;bottle;food package;etc
White PEDrink;shampoo;cosmetic;etc
Clear PE  Glass bottle;cosmetic
White PVCOutdoor;advertisement;promotion;etc
Clear PVCOutdoor;window;car;promotion;etc
Pearly filmShampoo;cosmetic;ice-cream;etc
Clear BOPPGlass bottle;cosmetic;food;window;etc
Battery filmBattery;etc

 We print rectangle, square, and circle forms on paper-based adhesive labels. Order how many or how few you require. Only suitable for indoor use (they are not water proof or UV resistant). See our various size selections below.Adhesive Labels & sticker printing solutions from Vial Packaging are great for giving your labels and stickers a unique appearance.

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