VPMVC-02 10ml glass vial crimper tool

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How to apply:
1. Secure the vial with the Stopper.
2. Cover the vial with the flip-off cap.
3. Grab the crimper by the handle.
4. Attach Crimper to the cap that flips off.
5. Pull the handle down.
6. Examine the outcome; if the cap can drop, move on to step 7.
7. Simply adjust the claw, then crimp the top once more if it’s loose. (Twist the claw counterclockwise to loosen; twist it counterclockwise to tighten.)

  • Brand name: VIAL PACKAGING
  • Model number: VPMVC-02
  • Material: Stainless steel, plastic
  • Color: Silver color, Black color
  • Applying: Vial crimper 20mm
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc


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ModelBottle typeBottle diameterCover type
13A12.5mm-13mmUnlimitedFlip off caps(Aluminum-plastic caps)
13B12.5mm-13mmUnlimitedTear off caps(Pure Aluminum caps)
15A14.5mm-15mmUnlimitedFlip off caps(Aluminum-plastic caps)
15B14.5mm-15mmUnlimitedTear off caps(Pure Aluminum caps)
20A19.5mm-20mmUnlimitedFlip off caps(Aluminum-plastic caps)
20B19.5mm-20mmUnlimitedTear off caps(Pure Aluminum caps)
26A25.5mm-26mmUnlimitedFlip off caps(Aluminum-plastic caps)
26B25.5mm-26mmUnlimitedTear off caps(Pure Aluminum caps)
28A27.5mm-28mmUnlimitedFlip off caps(Aluminum-plastic caps)
28B27.5mm-28mmUnlimitedTear off caps(Pure Aluminum caps)

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