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Aluminum foil can not be used alone to be combined with plastic film. Aluminum foil food packaging bag is a good packaging for the food industry, aluminum foil food packaging bag has high temperature resistance, puncture resistance, no deformation and other important characteristics and advantages.

The material of aluminum foil packaging bag is made of PE/AL/PE/CPP combined with each other, PE printing effect is good, AL barrier performance is strong, opaque, PE ordinary packaging inner layer, CPP high temperature cooking inner layer. When using aluminum foil, the purity of the material is very high, and certain indicators must be reached, almost no impurities, but the use of aluminum foil because of the existence of small pores, rarely used alone, and the plastic film should be used together.

  • Brand Name: VIAL PACKAGING
  • Model number: VPAB-17
  • Material: PET+AL+PE
  • Color: Black
  • Size:8*12+6cm/customized
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs


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Size8*12cm+3cm/9*13cm+3cm or Customized
PrintingCMYK printing
Products RangeVacuum bags, Free shaped pouch, Stand up spout pouch, Three side seal bag, Quad seal bag, Stand up zipper bag, Roll film packaging ,Aluminum foil bags, Kraft Paper Bag,Flat bottom bag
UseagePills,Tablets, pharmaceutical industrial products, daily necessities and so on
PriceLarge Quantity Has More Discounts
Payment TermPayPayl/BTC/USDT/ Western Union / Money Gram / Paypal
SamplesVarious Types Are Available

First, the process of aluminum foil bag
Aluminum foil bag is a kind of packaging bag made of aluminum foil material, which is mainly used to protect products from light, gas, water, oil, etc., and has good preservation performance and antioxidant capacity. The process of aluminum foil bag needs to consider the following aspects:
1. Double layer structure: Aluminum foil bag adopts double layer structure, the inner layer is food grade polyethylene material, and the outer layer is PET aluminum foil film. This structure can improve the extrusion resistance of the aluminum foil bag, but also enhance the anti-tear performance of the bag, so as to ensure the packaging quality of the product.

2. Strengthening materials: Strengthening materials in the sealing part of the aluminum foil bag and the bag body can enhance the sealing strength and tear resistance of the bag, thereby improving the service life of the aluminum foil bag.

3. Printing: Aluminum foil bags usually need to be packaged and printed, and high-quality printing can attract the attention of consumers and improve the sales rate of products. At the same time, it is also possible to print the necessary information such as the brand, specifications and production date of the product on the bag.

Second, the application of aluminum foil bag
Aluminum foil bag has good fresh-keeping performance and moisture-proof and anti-oxidation ability, so it is widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries.
1. Food industry: Aluminum foil bags can be used to package baked goods, coffee, tea, condiments, meat products, convenience foods and other products, which can extend the shelf life of food and avoid food moisture and oxidation.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: Aluminum foil bags can be used to package drugs, health products, medical devices and other products, with good moisture and anti-oxidation effect, can protect product quality and safety.

3. Cosmetics industry: Aluminum foil bag can be used to package facial mask, shampoo, shower gel, lipstick, eye cream, essence and other products, which can protect the composition and quality of the product to avoid moisture failure.

In short, aluminum foil bags in the packaging industry has a wide range of application prospects, with the development of technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, its application scope and market demand will be further expanded.

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