VPAB-16 Tablets aluminum foil bag for 60 capsules MK 2866

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Drugs packaged in aluminum foil bags are mostly drugs that are susceptible to moisture and light, such as vitamins. Aluminum foil has good barrier property, which can effectively prevent the influence of light and air on drugs. Such drugs should be placed in the original aluminum foil bag, unopened state can be stored at room temperature, but should not be placed for a long time.

  • Brand Name: VIAL PACKAGING
  • Model number: VPAB-16
  • Material: PET+AL+PE
  • Color: White
  • Size:8*12+6cm/customized
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs


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Size8*12cm+3cm/9*13cm+3cm or Customized
PrintingCMYK printing
Products RangeVacuum bags, Free shaped pouch, Stand up spout pouch, Three side seal bag, Quad seal bag, Stand up zipper bag, Roll film packaging ,Aluminum foil bags, Kraft Paper Bag,Flat bottom bag
UseagePills,Tablets, pharmaceutical industrial products, daily necessities and so on
PriceLarge Quantity Has More Discounts
Payment TermPayPayl/BTC/USDT/ Western Union / Money Gram / Paypal
SamplesVarious Types Are Available

The foil packaging of tablets is often referred to as a “medicinal foil bag”.

First, the characteristics of tablet aluminum foil packaging
1. Good moisture resistance: The drug pays great attention to the dryness of the environment in the pharmaceutical process, and the pharmaceutical aluminum foil bag can effectively moisture-proof, maintain the dry state of the drug, and ensure that the active ingredients of the drug will not be destroyed because of moisture.
2. Excellent oxygen insulation performance: the drug is easily oxidized by oxygen in the pharmaceutical process, so that its active ingredients are destroyed, and the pharmaceutical aluminum foil bag has oxygen insulation performance, which can effectively resist oxygen entering the inside of the drug, protect the active ingredients of the drug, and ensure the effect of the drug.
3. High strength and tear resistance: The processing technology of pharmaceutical aluminum foil bags is exquisite, and the aluminum foil bags made are good in sealing, not easy to break, and protect the safety of drugs.
4. Good temperature resistance: pharmaceutical aluminum foil bags can withstand high temperatures, prevent drugs from being destroyed at high temperatures, and protect the quality of drugs.

Second, the name of the pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging
Pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging is usually called “pharmaceutical aluminum foil bag”, in addition, according to different packaging forms, pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging can also have the following different names:
1. Medicinal aluminum-plastic packaging: This packaging is the combination of aluminum foil and plastic, with excellent moisture resistance and oxygen resistance.
2. Pharmaceutical aluminum tin packaging: This packaging is made of a tin layer on the surface of aluminum foil, which not only has excellent moisture resistance and oxygen resistance, but also has good corrosion resistance.
3. Medicinal aluminum cap sheet: This packaging is usually used to seal small bottles and pipes, with moisture, oxidation, sealing and other functions.

Iii. Summary
The aluminum foil packaging of tablets is one of the most commonly used in modern pharmaceutical packaging, which has excellent characteristics such as moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, drug protection and extended shelf life. Pharmaceutical aluminum foil bag is a commonly used form of pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging, and there are several other different forms of packaging.

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