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These mylar bags can be used for packaging, storing, sampling, and sorting food, coffee, tea, dried food, dried fruit, and other items.By preventing food from being exposed to air, light, scents, and moisture, these foil pouch bags can increase the amount of time that food can be stored. You can use a heat sealing machine (not included) to seal away from light and oxygen barriers.

  • Brand name: VIAL PACKAGING
  • Model number: VPAB-01
  • Material:  Fine Aluminum
  • Color: Metallic green
  • Size: Custom size
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs


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vial packaging supplier

TypeZip Lock Bag
SizeCustomized size
ColorCMYK, pantone color
MOQ100pcs for stock, 20000pcs for customized
ApplicationTablet/capsule packaging
MaterialFine Aluminum
SampleFREE sample
DesignCustom design
PaymentPaypal/credit card / bit coin

The main function of the self-sealing strip is to facilitate customers to repeatedly open the bag to store

The product, it cannot replace the sealing tape for sealing. We don’t recommend to use the self-sealing

bag for packaging and sales of products with moisture. Regardless of packaging any product, the bag

opening should be heated with a sealing machine to ensure the sealing effect before selling.

Aluminum foil bags must be the most common bags use for high barrier products packaging, like coffee bean, tea, medicine, or some airtight and high puncture resistance products. Sometimes looking for the most ideal packaging formats for your product can be a merely challenging task especially when you need a multi-layer structure design.

Aluminum foil bags are usually made with 3 or 4 layers high resistance material, normally it will have one layer aluminum foil or metallized film in the middle of it to keep the products reach out of sunshine or direct light, this will keep products with longer shelf and have higher barrier properties.

– FDA approved material and BPA free products

– Highly durable, long shelf-life for products, against UV light, moisture, and oxygen

– Good for chemical or products need keep reach out of light

– MOQ start from 100 pcs with lower cost

– Suitable for coffee, tea, pet food or premium products packaging

– Can be added with zipper, valve, laser scoring, window

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